Discover the Gold Standard of 401K Planning Systems

With Practice Management Blueprint-401K, you’ll learn how to efficiently — and profitably — provide DOL friendly plan level advice to 401k plan sponsors. While many advisors are moving away from this market segment our DOL friendly system is a huge opportunity for you.

Once Implemented, You’ll Have a 401K Consulting program that Delivers

Consistent Revenues

…and a system for acquiring more referrals. We call it:

Let’s face it: Asking for referrals probably never makes it on the list of tasks you enjoy as a 401K Specialist. But what if your practice had a system in place that not only assured the best standard of care for current clients, but also led to prospective clients approaching you — instead of the other way around?

The concept might sound far fetched, but specialists who use the Practice Management Blueprint-401K’s consulting system have discovered it’s true. And once you implement the system into your practice, you, too, will no longer have to resort to “ask-and-beg” or “hope-and-pray” referral marketing.

The reason is simple…

When clients have amazing experiences, they tend to tell people about it. Our system assures that you will deliver such a unique client experience that it will be shared.

The 401K advisory market is changing.

Today’s 401K specialists need a repeatable process that assures the highest level of care for plan sponsors while generating new prospects and clients. The less time you spend on marketing, the more time you’ll spend on the reason you got into the business in the first place: To help guide clients to their financial goals while securing your own financial future as a business owner.

What You’ll Learn In This Training

The Ultimate
Proposal Template

Use our proven, nine part proposal template:

  • Unique Process Brochure
  • Plan Objectives Analysis
  • Benchmarking Solutions
  • Pricing Process

The Perfect Provider Program

Use our unique tools to identify the objectives of the plan fiduciary, as well as, demonstrate how you will fulfill those objectives. You’ll have full access to our “401K geek files” that will help consistently demonstrate your knowledge about the 401K industry.

The RFP System

You’ll learn to set yourself apart from the competition. Using our step-by-step process you’ll demonstrate how your relationship with clients works and provide tangible examples such as a sample plan review binder and 401K Advantage Foundation Dialogue kit.

The Tools Kit

It’s one thing to take over a 401K plan.  It’s an entirely different thing to service it at a high level, with the right tools:

  • 401K Marketplace Review
  • The Compliance Binder
  • Annual Schedule of Events
  • IPS Checklist
  • 22 Point Mutual Fund Analysis

The Compliance Binder

Help clients keep everything organized in one “DOL Friendly” Binder.  It’s such a simple thing, BUT huge impact.

  • Plan Documents
  • Investment Policy Statement
  • Disclosures and Notifications
  • Tax Filings
  • Much, much more…

The 401K Review System

You’ll know how to protect plan fiduciaries from investment concerns, as well as, help them comply with all plan documents, applicable laws, and regulations.  Plan fiduciaries and trustees won’t give your competitors an audience because of your process.

My 401k clients love this!

This process literally takes my 401k business to a completely different level. It covers everything possible and more…

"More than just marketing"

while other programs focus on the marketing and then expect that you’ll know what to do,,,this program gives you the process and knowledge to really be the expert.

Practice Management Blueprint:     401K Consulting Training Details

In this training you’ll learn everything you need to know about delivering a world class 401K planning process. You’ll learn which documents and questions to use and when to use them and exactly how to deliver it! Plus, you’ll be given exclusive access to members-only bonuses and social groups to communicate and share your ideas and experiences with your fellow 401K Specialists.

Course One: Introduction & Conducting the First meeting

Lesson 1: Creating the initial meeting kit
Lesson 2: Which documents and tools to use and why
Lesson 3: Charging a fee for your time
Lesson 4: Which client documents are needed

Course Three: How to conduct a proper RFP

Lesson 1: It’s all about your clients objectives
Lesson 2: Gathering data from the 401K vendors
Lesson 3: Why a blind bid?
Lesson 4: What to ask the vendors

Course Five: The knowledge you’ll need to be an expert

Lesson 1: Active versus passive investments
Lesson 2: 401K plan features to understand
Lesson 3: The T chart and target date fund training
Lesson 4: The stuff other advisors miss

Course Two: Protecting Fiduciaries

Lesson 1: Understanding fiduciary risk
Lesson 2: Fees are not the only thing
Lesson 3: Investments really matter
Lesson 4: It’s what you don’t know that can hurt you

Course Four: Analyzing the 401K Vendors

Lesson 1: How to understand the different fee structures
Lesson 2: Matching their objectives to the right vendor
Lesson 3: Beyond the Fees, 22 point investment analysis
Lesson 4: Delivering the results

Course Six: Implementing and Following an IPS

Lesson 1:Getting the new 401k plan set up
Lesson 2: Designing the perfect investment policy statement
Lesson 3: The IPS checklist – use during the review
Lesson 4: Mastering annual reviews and employee education

What’s Included:

When you invest today, you’ll receive instant access to:

  • The Practice Management Blueprint: 401K Consulting Training
  • 6 Core Training Modules
  • 6 Video & 3 Audio Training Sessions
  • Process Explanatory Flowchart
  • Ready-to-Brand, Editable Client Facing Documents
Plus, you’ll also have access to:
  • 401K Engage – Our members only Facebook group
  • Our full Share the Experience prospecting training
  • Personal Introductions Process – referrals on “Steroids”
  • The Compliance Binder
  • Exclusive BONUS materials, tools and much more
Licensing Details:
  • Investment: $4,997
  • Level: New Advisor to Seasoned Professional
  • Setting: Online/Virtual
  • Training Length: 5 Hours
  • Expected Completion and Implementation: 2-4 Weeks

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  • The full training binder
  • Editable documents for your use
  • Sample compliance binder
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Six equal payments
  • Over four hours of video training
  • The full training binder
  • Editable documents for your use
  • Sample compliance binder
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